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President:/principal architect: Otto Hammer  MAA, OAA, ORSA, M RA I C

President/Principal Architect: Otto Hammer  MAA, OAA, ORSA, MRAIC    Website:

Phone 204-284-2074    cell: 204 -792-3152    fax: 204-452-4185     Email:



My name is Otto Hammer and I am the president /principle of Otto Hammer Architecture Inc. and I have more than thirty nine years of experience in the building industry. In 2005, I was awarded a Diploma in Architecture from the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada. My architectural education was preceded by a strong technical background in the building technologies and building engineering technologies. They provided me with a valuable background, understanding and insight into the critical aspects of durable, enduring building designs, over the years I have worked with many significant, and renowned Canadian architects.


In 2011, I became a member of the Manitoba Association of Architects (MAA) as well as the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (MRAIC) and I have been practicing as a professional architect ever since I established my own practice in Winnipeg in 2011. In 2012 I became registered with the (OAA) Ontario Association of Architects. From 1977 to 2002, I worked for several well established Architectural firms in Winnipeg, as Senior Technologist, Intern Architect, and Project Manager.


From my early years as a technologist to today, I involved myself in becoming adept at adaptive re-use designs with consideration of the historic context and the relevance of the original building.


The firm offers design excellence with a vast wealth of knowledge and experience. My innovative designs and established commitment to quality has earned respect from both the architectural profession and clients.


The firm emphasis is on quality design and is built on an understanding that input from the client is critical to the design process. The firm's philosophy is founded on the belief that understanding the client's desires, needs, and goals is an essential first step in generating a design that is both functionally and aesthetically successful. Technical excellence, adherence to established schedules and budgets, and long-term performance are among the important design objectives.